Theta Healing is a way of healing our ailments, both mental and physical by accessing energy and love from the Creator of All That Is (the Universe). This is performed by the healer connecting to the Creator of All That Is on the 7th plane of existence. After the person requesting a healing has gone through kinesthetic testing and is completely grounded , the changing of belief systems and the downloading of new feelings or removing of diseases from the body can be performed. My function is to witness that the work that the Creator of All That Is has been done. I do not do the actual healing, the Creator of All That Is does the actual healing! The person requesting the healing need only be open to change and willing to change.  

This is done in one session. The healing is instantaneous and can work for anybody. The only requirement is that the person in need of Theta work be open and able to believe it will work!

Price $100.00